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"What is he going to do next to call attention to himself?" asked Daniel Alvarez, an instructor in the department of religious studies at Florida International University who has studied the movement. "This means that his control over people is so great that no matter what he says to them, they'll follow him."

Cadillac decade long brand repositioning is one bright spot among the GM brand portfolio. But, it has taken years to rebuild a tireless focus on new product development, continuous improvement and building cars that people want have given renewed life to the venerable and once prestigious Cadillac brand. GM invested big in Cadillac over the past decade and a half. Now, if only it can stay the course.

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Using the food processor. When you are ready, turn on the food processor. There are 2 options when using the KitchenAid food processor. You can either puree the food or choose the pulse option. Press on the button that you need for the recipe. Watch as the food processor breaks down the food inside. This may take a couple of seconds. If you need to add more ingredients such as milk, water or olive oil, there is no need to remove the cover. All you have to do is to pour the liquid in the chute available on the cover of the food processor. Wait until all the ingredients are well blended together. Afterwards, turn off the food processor.